Energy Surveys and Audits

Home Energy Audit and Surveys (watch the video on energy audits)

The purpose of a Home Energy Audit is to determine the general condition of the home with respect to energy performance and the homeowner's potential willingness to improve the home's energy performance.  As part of the Energy Audit, a report will be produced that shows a general range of a home's energy efficiency based on specific criteria such as insulation, equipment age, general condition, energy usage and costs including a lookup matrix based on regional norms and climate. 

The Home Energy Survey/Audit may take one of three forms:  In-Home Energy Survey approved by Residential Energy Services Network,  a Thermal Imaging Inspection or a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit conducted by a certified Home Energy Survey Professional and Energy Star Partner such as Mr. Hackney. The three (3) levels available are:

  • In-Home Energy Survey - The Home Energy Survey will include an on-site visual inspection of the energy features of the dwelling unit, and documentation of its general condition, including envelope features and ages; equipment types, characteristics and ages; and, appliance and lighting characteristics. Where available, the In-Home Energy Survey will include a review of utility use and billing history.  The Survey is a visual inspection only and may not include the use of a blower door, duct leakage test, an infrared camera or other test equipment although one or more may be utilized depending on the scope of work agreed upon.
  • Comprehensive Home Energy Audit - The purpose of this Audit is to cause improvement to be made to the audited home.  The Audit includes an evaluation, performance testing and proposed treatments for improvement of an existing home.  The evaluation shall include a review of the data collected from any previous energy audit or survey, any further required measurement and performance testing, combustion appliance testing, and a computerized simulation analysis of the home's energy performance and a calculation of the energy and environmental savings from improving the energy performance of the home.  The performance analysis will be determine the scope of work for the home.  The Auditor will guide the homeowner to a Certified Contractor.  A homeowner may elect to go through this process without a requirement of a prior Home Energy Survey. 

Statement of Purpose

The accredited home energy rating Providers and Raters of RESNET are committed to providing quality and professional service to their customers and the public.  This Code of Ethics sets forth principles and rules of conduct enforced by RESNET through specific procedures contained in its Accreditation Standards.  The Code of Ethics is a national minimum standard applicable to all accredited RESNET Rating Providers, their Raters and their representatives.