Inspection Fees

My fees are generally based on square footage as this is a good indicator of the estimated time (by virtue of size) it will take to complete the inspection.  No two homes are alike, but on average an inspection of a 2,000 sf home will take between 2 and 3 hours of field time and another 1 to 2 hours to complete the report.  An average fee is around $300.   Don't be fooled by a low-ball inspection fees  you generally get what you pay for. 

Please call for quote.  Don't forget to ask about doing a thermal scan of the home.
* Pier & Beam homes add - $50
* Thermal Imaging when included with a standard inspection - $75
* Thermal Imaging (stand-alone) - $150
* Reinspection fee (limited to repaired items only) - $95
* Phase inspection (new construction) - $85/inspection and
   10% off regular full final inspection
* Mileage charge if not in Tarrant or Dallas Counties - $25