Walls, Windows and Doors

House walls are typically made with wood or metal studs, siding of brick, stone, wood, sttuco, or other products and in some instances poured concrete.  Wood-framed houses are the most common and are generally wrapped in a moisture and air barrier.  These barriers weatherize the home as well as provide insulation for the comfort of the residence. The maintenance of the walls may be as little as washing and keeping the spider webs brushed away or if the home has painted surfaces they should be cleaned annually and repainted periodically.

Windows shoud be maintained, because they are expensive and difficult to replace.  All windows should be maintained and inspected seasonally for any signs of deterioration.  If they becomse difficult to operate it could be that moisture has caused them to swell and stick.  So look carefully for signs of moisture damage and particularly on the walls surrounding them, which could indicate a failed seal flashing that would need to be explored further by a specialist.  Remember, monitoring and maintenane can prevent more serious damage and even save money in the long run. 

Doors need the same care as windows and particularly wooden doors.  There are two basic types, solid-core and hollow-core.  All exterior doors should be a solid-core, to provide the best security.  Regardless, when a wood door leaves a factory, it typically includes directions to paint or seal six sides, top, bottom, inside, outside and both edges.  However, the bottoms of the doors are rarely sealed.  Mositure enters and dry rot ofen follows and usually means that the door must be replaced. 

Cracks around windows and doors are common.  They often appear in new house because as woo and other materials dry or cure, they move and cause cracks.  However, cracks can also appear years after the curing process in complet, and usually because of soil or seismic movement.  When a crack appears, the material that was inside is pushed out and remains on the surface.  Many people simply scrape the surface smooth, fill the crack with a patching compound and paint over it.  But this is not necessairly the best method and the crack is likely to reappear.  Seek out a specialist to assist with reocurring cracks around windows and doors.