Home Maintenance Tips

A house includes hundreds of different components that vary in age and quality, and may require periodic service by specialists who are are aware of the risks involved in the service, risks that might be unknown to homeowners.  This is particularly true of components involving electricity and fossil-fuels.  Nevertheless, it helps to be aware of how things work in a house and to recongnize when they need to be serviced.  The more carefully a house is maintained, the cheaper the cost ownership. 

The comments in the section are not intended to be technically exhaustive and may well be inaccurate or incomplete for your situation.  Therefore, it should not be construed as providing legal advice or used in conjunction with any service or repair that require specialized knowledge or training.    This section is for general information only limited to practical matters to assist in the general maintenance of an average home in an average enviroment.

Always know where your water, gas and electrical shut-offs are located.