Roof maintenance is essential, regardless of the roof type.  However, it should only be undertaken by persons who are knowledgeable, healthy, and confident in their ability to accomplish the task.  No one should ever attempt to service a roof in bad weather, or one that is snow-bound or has a greater pitch than 4:12.  Such tasks are best left to professionals with professional equipment. That said, any person accessing a roof should make safety their first priority. Ladders should be of a professional quality, never extended in the vicinity of overhead [electrical] conductors and have a sturdy base with plastic or rubber boots that prevent slippage.  Finally, children should never be allowed to climb on a roof. And, whether you have a specialist inspect your roof or do it yourself, don't wait to inspect it until it's deteriorated.

Roof maintenance tips:

  1. Inspect seasonally, or at least once a year.
  2. Inspect the flashings at dormers, heat vents, plumbing vents, and intersecting planes, and re-seal as necessary.
  3. Clean the gutters in autumn, and certainly before the rainy season.
  4. Have a licensed roofing contractor repair or replace any worn or damaged materials.